About Destiny Women Video Magazine


I have always had a deep interest in content that’s of interest to women.

So on 1st October 2016, Destiny Women Video Magazine was born.

Our goal was to avail all kinds of video content to Kenyan women, on one easily-accessible platform, and we launched under the tagline “Faith, Fun and All Things Us..!”, as we are fully persuaded that women are multi-faceted beings, with very wide interests – from relationships and home-making, to health and fitness, business and careers, investment and finance and so on.

But we placed “Faith” first because for many of us, our faith is foundational to our overall success and well-being.

We began by aggregating free video content, from several Kenyan producers in all these fields – with their kind permission – and simply made it available to women on this platform.

But we will soon begin offering Prime content, in addition to the free videos.

So keep watching ladies, and look out for fresh, premium content, coming soon!






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